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How to use traveler's kyoto?

Know well by getting the information

We can get useful informations for traveling Kyoto. Informations are categorized as below.


Also we can know the details for each items such as...

  • General Information
  • Map
  • Photos
  • Comments

Each items are accessible by

  • selecting a category
  • selecting an erea
  • serching with any keywords

Leave your comments, Upload your photos

Once you visit there, let’s leave your comments and upload your photos! Your reviews and opinions will help someone who want to enjoy Kyoto.

*Need sign up to leave a comment, upload a photo

Correct or Update each items

When you find any wrong/old information on the items, such as phone number or opening time etc... please correct and update them.

*Need sign up to edit each items

Register a new item

Register a new restaurants, hotels etc... if there are no information on traveler’s kyoto.

*Need sign up to edit each items